In the event of inclement weather, mechanical breakdown, or other unexpected occurrences, the Ringwood Public Schools may need to be closed during part or all of a regularly scheduled school day.

The Superintendent of Schools, after consultation with district personnel and, when necessary, borough officials, is responsible for making the decision to close the schools. This decision is never taken lightly, and is only undertaken when the safety or wellbeing of our students is at risk.

It is critical that your child's school has an up-to-date emergency contact number for you or another responsible adult. If you are unable to be home, it is extremely important that you designate someone who will be willing to care for your child in the event of an emergency closing, and discuss this plan with your child and the caregiver in advance.

When the Ringwood Public Schools will be closed, on an emergency basis, for all or part of the day, parents/guardians are notified as follows:

  • Website: All emergency closings will be posted on the homepage of the district website.
  • Emergency Alert Now contacts will receive a call/text though our emergency notification system.  To make changes to the phone numbers you provided, please contact the secretary at your child's school.

Delayed opening start times for each school can be found on each School Hours page.