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Dr. Bernice

Dr. Bernice, 9 days ago

Due to the historic damage to the electric power grid, Ringwood Schools and Offices will be closed until Monday, 10Aug. Virtual ESY classes will still be held for those with electric power. Further updates will be sent if offices need to remain closed beyond the weekend.

Dr. Bernice

Dr. Bernice, 10 days ago

Due to the loss of electric power, all Ringwood Schools and offices will be closed on Wednesday, 05Aug.

Dr. Bernice

Dr. Bernice, 15 days ago

Please don't forget to fill out the Realtime Parent Portal survey for September. This survey will close on Monday, 03Aug, at 8am.

Dr. Bernice

Dr. Bernice, 18 days ago

Ringwood's Q&A Session and information on the next survey will be held tonight at 7pm on Zoom:

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