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Dr. Bernice

Dr. Bernice, 27 days ago

Wednesday and Thursday will be early dismissal days for all schools. Thursday is the final day of school for the academic year. Have a great end of the year and a wonderful summer.

Dr. Bernice

Dr. Bernice, 27 days ago

Congratulations to Mrs. Cheryl Botsolas, Ringwood's new Board President, and Mr. Zachary Kolstein, new Board Vice President.
Special thank you to Mr. Ray Dwyer for his seven years of service to the Ringwood's Board of Education.

Nicholas Bernice

Nicholas Bernice, about 1 month ago

Lakeland Bank's "Teach Children to Save" program presents a financial literacy lesson at Hewitt School.

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Ringwood School District

Ringwood School District, about 1 month ago

Our last day is June 20th but check out our new events section for an up to date schedule through the end of the year.

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