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Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG)

What is SEPAG?

The Ringwood Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG) is a parent advisory group, which serves to provide a forum for special education parents/guardians to discuss policies, programs, and practices that impact services and supports for children with special needs. Discussions pertain to the education, health, and safety of children directly affected by programs administered by the Ringwood Public School System.

One of the goals of SEPAG is to increase parents'/guardians', as well as the greater community’s, understanding of the district’s special education programs and services. This can be through special presentations by speakers on various topics which pertain to education, or by information provided by other area support organizations. Family involvement is encouraged.  As parents of special needs children ourselves, we understand your concerns, and hope to offer you the tools, information, and support you need to be the best possible advocate for your child.


For information regarding SEPAG please contact Mr. Steven Fiedeldey, Director of Special Services at fiedeldeys@njrps.org  or visit  http://www.spanadvocacy.org/sites/default/files/files/2017%20NJ%20SEPAG%20Guide%20_0.pdf




2018-19 SEPAG Meeting Dates

(6:30 - 8:30 pm in MJ Ryerson Library)

Thursday October 18 - Transitions between schools and programs (Guest Speaker Ms. Audrey Poggioli, Director of Special Services from Lakeland Regional High School)

Thursday January 10

Thursday March 14


Suggested Topics

How can parents support math instruction?



Materials from Previous Presentations

October 18 2018 - Transitioning to Lakeland

October 18 2018 - Transitioning between the Ringwood schools

June 8 2017 - Introduction to Mult-Sensory Reading and Strategies to Use at Home

March 16 2017 - Demystifying Psychological and Educational Testing

January 19 2017 - Roadmap to the IEP



SEPAG Suggested Links

Understood: For Learning and Attentional Issues  

NJ Children's System of Care: PerformCare  - ( 877) 652-7624

Planning for Adult Life (ages 16-21)  -  (732) 246-2525

Division of Developmental Disabilities (ages 21 and over)  - (800) 832-9173