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 Danziger - Student Assistance Counselor information
Danziger - Student Assistance Counselor information
"The best thing about choices is we get to make them every moment of everyday"

The Student Assistance Coordinator is based at Lakeland Regional High School, and services are shared by the three districts: Ringwood, Wanaque and Lakeland.

The S.A.C. is called upon whenever there is a school-based concern or suspicion of alcohol or drug use by students, providing intervention and referral options. Dr. Danziger also provides substance-abuse related staff training, and as Chair of the Municipal Alliance: AWARE ASAP, he and the committee provide prevention planning and programming for the Ringwood Schools and community.

Raymond Danziger, Ph.D.
Student Assistance Coordinator, Chair, AWARE ASAP (Municipal Alliance)
Lakeland Regional High School
205 Conklintown Road
Wanaque, NJ 07465
973.835.1900 x166